Waterville City Council supports ambulance purchase

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - The Waterville City Council unanimously voted Tuesday to purchase two ambulances for the Waterville Fire Department.

The used ambulances will cost up to $131,000, but come at no expense to the taxpayer as they come from unused bond funds.

Waterville Fire Chief Shawn Esler says the main purpose is to help with response time.

He also says that down the road it could create revenue for the city.

"We have a very good service now," said Esler. "They do a very good job. But at times, our system is overtaxed, and some of those calls are shifted to mutual aid parties or to other fire departments in the area. So what this means is that my fire department will be able to assist Waterville residents in their time of need."

The council will discuss in the future if they will provide money to have new paramedic positions funded for the ambulances.