Owners and their Pets Take Over Waterfront for 24th Annual Paws on Parade

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) "It's a great chance to get out with folks," said walker Jackie Anderson. "All of the dogs get along, because it's nobody's territory. It was good. Every dog there thought they should be at the front of the line. You know, "Nope, I'm number one!"

Folks and their furry friends took to the waterfront on Saturday to raise awareness for homeless pets.

The Paws on Parade featured a mile and a half walk to celebrate the love for pets and give dogs a chance to socialize.

"It's really helpful to them, because they can get stressed out very easily, and just to try to give them some kind of normal interaction in life," said Gabrielle Matusxcky. "It's really really nice for them"

Stacy Coventry, Director of Development and Public Relations at the Bangor Humane Society, explained how its great to see the animals that were previously in a shelter thriving with new owners.

"It's great to see alumni that come through our shelter," said Coventry. "See them now whether it be weeks later or months or years later, and see them blossom in a home, and have those owners wanna come back, and support our work, and give back to those animals that are now currently looking for homes in the shelter."

Last year at the event, the Bangor Humane Society Society raised $75,000. This year they are hoping to exceed that number.

"Every dollar has a huge impact. This basically is an opportunity for us to show that it does take a village for us to do what we do. These dollars are really vital for us being able to continue the work that we do here in the community."

And the reason why they do it can be summed up in one word, love.

"It's true love," said Tina Chadbourne. "Dogs are, they're a wonderful companion, and they, you know, great for therapy, and great for love. Unconditional love is the biggest reason why we do it."

To stay up to date with the Bangor Humane Society you can visit bangorhumane.org