Water Lines on Main Street in Bangor Repaired

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Two broken water lines on Main Street in Bangor have been repaired.

Bangor Water District says crews worked for twenty five hours to fix it.

The lines were installed in 1910 and 1957.

They broke Tuesday night and pushed the pavement up, flooding the road.

The older line is scheduled to be replaced this fall.

"It was a difficult repair." says Kathy Moriarty, General Manager of Bangor Water District. "We had I believe it was a 1930's sewer line... old brick sewer line and our water main had broken right underneath so it was tricky to make sure that we didn't break the sewer line otherwise we would have had a boil water order for the city. So we had to be very careful."

The area will be paved and all lanes will be open Friday.