Warm weather bad for pets left behind in cars

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - We all know the dog loves to come along for a car ride.

But it may be time to leave Fido behind.

Bangor's Animal Control Officer has gotten a number of reports this week of animals left in cars for too long.

She says it's been a cool spring and many people have gotten used to being able to run errands with their pets.

As it gets warmer, you may want to think again.

"We really need to make sure that if we do have our dogs with us and other pets anytime we leave them in the car it had better be for a very short amount of time," said ACO Trisha Bruen. "Our vehicles do act as a sort of greenhouse. They do collect the sunlight and he does build up rapidly inside."

She says there are too many factors - like temperature and the car's interior - to say how long is okay for animal to be in the vehicle alone.

She says if you wouldn't leave your groceries in the car for a certain amount of time...don't leave your dog there for that long either.