Warden Service, Forest Rangers & Volunteers Prepare for 'Landowner Appreciation Day'

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The Maine Warden Service and Forest Rangers are spear-heading a cleanup effort this Sunday to deal with illegal trash sites on private land.

All across the state, volunteers from sportsman and snowmobile clubs will help rangers and wardens remove litter and trash from more than 50 sites.

It's part of a years-long tradition called 'Landowner Appreciation Day,' in which people thank landowners for allowing access to their private land for recreational activities.

The Warden Service says private land across the state gets turned into dumping sites for everything from furniture to household appliances to construction materials.

"This is a significant effort to try to restore that faith in landowners that people who recreate are law abiding, they have good ethics, and that's why we continue to do this," said Cpl. John Macdonald, Spokesperson for the Maine Warden Service.

Kittery Trading Post will be awarding prizes to those who collect the most trash.