Want to play with puppies and kittens at work? Call the snuggle bus!

Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 5:23 PM EST
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The Bangor Humane Society has started a new fundraiser. They call it the Snuggle Bus. For a $500 donation, a business can choose to have a group of puppies or kittens come and play with their employees for an hour.

Dunnett Appliance & Mattress was the first business to sign up. Devon Cyr, a salesman there, was one of the employees taking advantage of the fun.

"There's five of them running around, and they're having a great time. We are, too."

Stacey Coventry, Director of development and public relations for the Bangor Humane Society, says it's a great way to say thank you to your employees. "We will load them all up, and we will bring them. We will do the clean up, and we will bring four-legged joy."

The funds will be used for major renovations at their facility.

"We're less than 90,000 away from our 1.75 million dollar goal."

The pups were brought up from an overcrowded shelter in Georgia. The chance to socialize benefits both the dogs and the people.

"We had a big sale that just ended, so it's kind of slow right now." said Cyr. "So to have this come in, especially right around the holidays, is really nice."

Despite the urge to take them all home, that isn't an option.

"This is not an adopt event." says Coventry. "This is literally just feel good. We bring you some snuggling, but they will be available for adoption. Check our website. Of course, if anybody here falls in love, they're welcome to get in line."

Cyr paused before saying, "I'll work on talking to the wife about that first."

The Humane Society plans to do one snuggle bus event each month.

"We still have all kinds of ways to support the campaign if you're not in a position to do a snuggle bus." says Coventry. "Learn about what we're doing, come check us out. If you can adopt and open your home, we have lots of little guys like this that need a home."

So if you'd like to have a visit from some furry friends, be sure to contact the Bangor Humane Society.