Waldo County Republicans Hold "Drive For Independence"

Published: Jul. 4, 2020 at 1:54 PM EDT
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With a traditional parade cancelled due to COVID-19, the Waldo County Republicans put on a special alternative this morning.

A group of candidates for State Senate and House organized a "Drive for Independence" and rode out on their own to celebrate the fourth.

To ensure social distancing, the parade traveled across all of Waldo County, ensuring that everyone could celebrate without forming a large crowd, with the convoy making stops at several food drives to gather donations for those in need.

The party said they organized the parade so they could still commemorate the occasion.

"We just really wanted to be able to celebrate our independence. With all the restrictions, a lot of things have been forbidden from happening and we wanted to make sure that we had a chance to celebrate our nation's birth," said House District 98 candidate Jessica Connor.

The party hopes for a more traditional parade next year, but were happy to do their part.