Waldo County Emergency Management Agency hosts emergency preparedness fair

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BEFLAST, Maine. (WABI) - The Waldo County Emergency Management Agency hosted a free emergency preparedness fair.

Folks gathered at the Waldo County YMCA to learn more about who to call or what-to-do in emergency situations.

Many vendors attended, including emergency management, law enforcement, search and rescue, and floodplain management.

Presentations were also held to learn more about survival skills, first aid techniques, and fire prevention.

Cylissa Mowatt, Team Rubicon said, "It allows you to know who is around to help. Like what resources there are out there because a lot of these places, they are neighbors in our community and a lot of people don't realize what's out there to help them. Thankfully we live in a place where we deal with a lot of snow and we know how to do it well but if something were to happen there's a lot of resources out there to help them."

We're told the goal of the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency is to build a community that comes back stronger following a major disaster event.