WABI recalls 1992 interview with President George H.W. Bush

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WABI) - Full military honors and tributes continue to pour in as our nation remembers President George H.W. Bush.

His remains made their final trip to Washington, D.C. from Houston, Texas Monday.

In 1992, TV5's former News Director Don Colson traveled to Washington D.C. and spoke with President Bush about having his home in Maine.

Don :"You spend a great deal of time In Kennebunkport and call a hotel room in Houston your permanent residence. We don't understand that sir."

President Bush: "Well, I own real property in Houston. I have voted in every election in Texas since 1948. That is my legal residence. I'm the only Texan that's been certified by the Secretary of State as allowed to vote there, and I pay an awful lot of property taxes in Maine. I'm proud to do it. I love it. My ancestors did exactly the same thing, and we pay our fair share of taxes in Maine, and to see some clam shell alliance, a bunch of left wingers attacking me on that, I'm used to it. But my record is clean on it. Yes, I don't have a house in Texas, but the laws, you don't have to have real property to be a legal resident in Texas, so I'm not going to change my citizenship, but I'm paying my fair share of taxes and I'd ask the critics to go down and look at the Kennebunkport rules and see whose taxes there have increased the most and I'll be right up at the top of the list and I'm proud to pay them because it's a great state and I want to do my part in it. And I was there, I'm afraid just six days this summer, something like that, but I'll be back and spend a lot of time there."

Governor LePage Monday announced all of Maine's executive branch offices will be closed on Wednesday in recognition of the National Day of Mourning.