Vineyard holds Mother's Day Maine Wine and Treats Garden Party

UNION, Maine. (WABI)- "She helps me pack my backpack for school and she hugs me. I love her."

Moms and their families were able to enjoy wine and treats this Mother's Day.

Savage Oakes Vineyard and Winery held their annual Mother's Day Maine Wine and Treats Garden Party.

Owners Elmer and Holly Savage grow and produce Maine grape and wild blueberry wines.

"It's a nice low-key event we also give each mom a free flowering plant and it's just a nice way to celebrate what mom does for us and it brings in other businesses too and we all just have fun."

Local businesses were also invited to sell their product and give out free samples.

"These are Maine grown grapes so they are a little unique that way and we also have Wilbur's of Maine Chocolates that they can pair their wine with as well as Coastal Maine Popcorn and Izzy's Cheesecakes that they can sample with our wines."

"There is so many great small businesses here and just to really celebrate those. I think people are really into supporting small businesses. They can drink wine and mothers usually like that and lots of samples of all kinds of fun food like what's better than that on Mother's Day?"

The couple's son also helps out on the farm.

He says his mom goes above and beyond for him every day.

"She's a great lady and she has helped me with so much stuff in my life and just being able to have the life I do is pretty great and it is all because of her."

Savage Oakes is completely family run and has been for 8 generations.

"Local is what supported us when we first started so we like to give back and bring local here."

Doors are open May through October 11 to 5.

"Just the way she helps out with the way I was raised. She was a big influence on my life of course and she just spends so much time for me. And I did buy her a plant."