Tips for helping your pet deal with anxiety

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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine (WAGM) - Humans can develop anxiety at any point in their lives, but so can animals.

Dr. James Hotham, owner of Hotham's Veterinary Services and Veterinarian, says that dogs are the main pets that can develop anxiety, most commonly separation anxiety.

He says they can develop it from not getting the recommended amount of exercise they need.

He adds that there are ways to help your dog but it takes time.

"It's not a simple fix here you have this pill you take every day and you're going to good," said Hotham. "It will help some but it does take a month or two for it to get built up in their system. But you still have to have behavior modifying training…train the person how to handle the issue and get the dog to respond to situations of being home alone."

Dr. Hotham says to not greet your dog when they greet you at the door as it is rewarding their anxiety behavior. He adds that if you think your dog has anxiety, contact your vet.