Veterans Have Unique Opportunity with Windy Warriors Project

Published: Jul. 21, 2017 at 9:38 PM EDT
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The Maine Veterans Project gives back to our service members in a variety of ways.

Friday, they took to the sky to show their appreciation.

The first Windy Warriors program began 10,000 feet off the ground in Pittsfield, giving two area veterans the thrill of a lifetime.

Photojournalist Mark Rediker takes us there.

These are our veterans from our windy warriors program that we are doing here in partnership with Vacationland Skydiving.

Essentially the purpose of this is to kind of shock the life back into somebody who is feeling down and depressed, just kind of like that caytalist to get them through that hump to try and better themselves and get over that chasm.

The first time I jumped I just remember the feeling of being very alive. It's awesome.

Just because I've wanted to do it since I was 19.

I have friends who are not here anymore, and enjoy beautiful things like that, so I try to just really take it in.

He's a pretty humble warrior and he would not say this himself, but he's had 3 purple hearts and 2 bronze stars with combat VALOR. He is one of the most decorated veterans in the state of Maine, his citations speaks volumes.

Now we're on top of the clouds, yeah!

There is a 20 dollar fund, anyone that skydives and put into this fund, or, you are more than welcome to call Vacationland skydiving and donate. As funds are available, and we can pay for a veteran, Brad will let me know, we'll put it out there and I'd love to see 5 plus veterans a year do this.

What was your favorite part? All of it.

That's what I like to hear!