Veteran handcrafts pieces that carve a piece out of your heart

BUCKSPORT, Maine (WABI) - This Independence Day, we're introducing you to a veteran who handcrafts some truly patriotic pieces.

Allegiance Woodworks in Bucksport creates custom wood designs that are not only beautiful to look at but carve something out of your heart as well.

Wes Canning spends hours tediously carving out custom creations.

Canning says, "Start to finish, I can have one done in a day, but the cure time of the polyurethane takes a couple of days."

From large patriotic flags to handcrafted individualized pieces, like a concealed cabinet Canning made for a family who lost their son in a tragic accident.

Canning says, "They wanted "yeah that's how we roll" on the flag. Nobody else would know that, but it resonates with them. I absolutely love doing pieces like that because it really hits home for people."

A five year army veteran, Canning says he finds solace in the work he does, "It's sort of my peace. I come out here, and I don't have to worry about anything. I just come out here and start building something. I think that sense of accomplishment kind of helps me cope with other things that I'm dealing with."

He's been making his pieces since September.

Canning says, "I made one, and it blew up. I probably had 15 orders within the first week."

Now, roughly 200 orders later, Canning's business continues to grow.

He says, "One like this goes for $120 and they range on up. I've made a 6 foot flag before with a custom design on it that was priced at $600. So, it really just depends on how much time and how much work and how much effort goes into it. A lot of people call me crazy, to be honest with you, and I say, 'yeah, probably but I enjoy it.'"