Travis Mills Speaks At CPAC In Washington

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WABI) - "This is all about inspiring people to do greater things, and to never give up on themselves, and to never quit."

Staff Sargent Mills lost parts of all four limbs after an improvised explosive device went off near him during his third tour in Afghanistan.

After a long recovery, Mills now uses his foundation to bring fellow injured veterans and their families to a retreat in Maine, to experience moments they may have thought were no longer possible.

"Some really monumental moments have happened with some fathers and daughters or some fathers and sons that went kayaking for the first time, or found out they could, you know, go out there and go tubing with their loved ones."

Saturday, Mills spoke on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

"I think the biggest problem facing our veterans today, when they get out of the military, is communication breakdown."

His panel, not political, but focused on delivering a message of how people can help veterans transition back into civilian life.

"Keep giving them purpose, and direction, and drive. And that's what it's all about. Make sure you understand they want to work, they want to get jobs, and they want to be able to transition as smooth as possible."

Mills says he'll return to his home state of Michigan for a series of private speeches next month, and that he's looking forward to seeing a group of teachers from Vasser-Michigan, volunteer at his foundation's campus in Maine over the summer.