Verona Island boy is in need of a kidney donor

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 7:06 PM EDT
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This is Dustin Robbins. He loves swimming, video games and pokemon like many 11-year-olds. But, Dustin is also a warrior.

"We found out when Dustin was nine that he had a disease called nephritis. Unfortunately we found out when he was already 25% kidney failure," said his mom, Chrystal Bowden.

Dustin has been battling stage five kidney disease. He recently started dialysis and has to drive to Westbrook three days a week.

"It made me feel a little bit better but dizzy."

This young warrior went on a strict diet to get his body ready for a transplant. That means no Halloween candy for this fifth grader. But like any noble warrior, none of these things have brought his spirit down. Just ask his mom, Chrystal.

"It's remarkable to see what he's gone through and to still have a smile. He makes the nurses smile. He's a character. He's got a great heart."

A heart that big seems to run in the family. His mom has that same spirit and hopes to bring awareness to kidney disease.

"I know he's going to get fixed. He's going to get saved and sometimes parents and families don't have that opportunity."

"What do you think of about your mom and everything she's done for you?"

"I'm really happy that she's been here through this because she's been a really good supporter."

Chrystal and Dustin say they've seen so much generosity from the community from fundraisers to donations to this car from an anonymous angel.

"Got really, really blessed."

They say it's a tremendous gift to get them back and forth to southern maine.

"They want to stay anonymous. That's why I call them my angel."

Now, they just need a kidney for Dustin. Which he'll continue fighting for because like the t-shirt his mom made for him say he's Dustin Strong.

"We'll be happy for sure. It will be a big relief to get this show on the road we've been fighting for three years so he can live a somewhat normal life."

If you'd like to find out how to be a donor, call 1-800-870-5230 or visit

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