Veazie Community School hosting Soup-er Bowl Saturday

Published: Jan. 31, 2019 at 3:28 PM EST
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Looking for a lunch this Saturday that will help a good cause?

You may want to head to Veazie.

Middle schoolers at Veazie Community School are hosting Soup-er Bowl Saturday.

More than 40 kids have been hard at work making bowls for a fundraiser that benefits the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter.

5 dollars gets you lunch...10 gets you lunch and a bowl.

We caught up with a trio of students Thursday, Lana, Avery and Lily, who talked about the process of getting ready for Saturday.

"When they dried, they cracked and were very fragile," said Lana. "Some of them broke, and some of them just totally shattered. Most of them they stayed."

"It was really fun. We took a plastic bowl, and we shaped the clay to form around a plastic bowl shape, and then we designed it however we want to and put it in the kiln and get ready for the fundraiser," said Lily.

"The first day we were doing it, we voted on what we wanted all the donations to go to, and we all voted for the Bangor Homeless Shelter because we thought it was really important and the most important out of all of them," said Avery.

The event is Saturday from noon to 2 at the Veazie Community School.

Bring your appetite and wallets.