Vassalboro Women: Forever Clean, Always Busy, Never Inactive

VASSALBORO, Maine (WABI) Susan Tuthill and her best friends have turned her kitchen into a manufacturing center for handmade soap.

The women all in their retirement have decided to stay busy and open their own business together, Forever Clean Soap.

Susan Tuthill, Co-Owner of Forever Clean Soap says, "We're three retired ladies. We wanted to do something to keep us busy. So we taught ourselves to make cold-processed soap."

The women are making thousands of bars of soap.

Terry Hiltz, Co-Owner says, "The colors and smells are always so pretty and people are always so attracted to our colors so once they start smelling they are like one then they try another one..."

They started their small business together last year.

Tuthill says, "We just wanted a little something to do to keep us busy. And we like being together... you know, its fun."

Cindy Scott, Co-Owner says, "I think it's kind of challenging. Really I don't think any of us realized how many steps there was to making soap when we got started in this."

They started experimenting with soap making 2 years ago.

Tuthill says, "We got a book and we experimented and for the first year we just gave it away. Every time we made soaps we just gave it to friends. And eventually when we started to get better and better at what we were doing we thought 'you know we've been spending a lot of money on this maybe we should start selling the soap.'"

Now they sell their perfected bars at craft fairs and in some Maine shops.

Tuthill says, "We stamp it and wrap it and make it look pretty and we sell it at craft shows at various shops and online."

They say the best part, is doing it all together.

Scott says, "Retirement is a chance to do all the things that you didn't have time to do when you were raising kids and working all the time. Now you're doing stuff that you like doing."

Hiltz says, "As long as it continues to be fun then we will continue to do it."

To get some of their homemade soap you can visit their website