Unknowing Driver of Getaway Car Testifies in Hansley Murder Trial

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) A woman who unknowingly drove a getaway car for two men from New York accused of killing a man in Bangor was on the stand Friday.

She's testifying in day three of the murder trial of Robert Hansley.

Police say Hansley shot and killed 38-year-old Robert Kennedy two years ago at an apartment on Center Street.

His accomplice, Thomas Ferguson, was already convicted of murder.

Yesterday, the man injured in the shooting testified.

Barry Jenkins told the jury, Hansley was the first to fire and his gun was aimed directly at Kennedy.

The defense argues Hansley was not the shooter, Ferguson pulled the trigger.

The state expects the trial to go late into next week.

The defense is still unsure whether they will call Hansley to the stand.