Unity College providing fresh, local fish

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UNITY, Maine (WABI) - Every week, students at Unity College line up in the dining hall to get a piece of some local, fresh fish.

"We order sustainable Gulf of Maine Research Institute seafood,” explained Assistant Dining Director Jenny MacArthur. “It comes in on Wednesday, we serve it on Thursday, and we don't know what it is going to be until we get it."

The catch is different every week, even members of the dining staff don't know what they are going to cook until the day before.

"We're using stuff that doesn't normally hit the supermarkets or the restaurants,” said McArthur. “Redfish, hake, sea dabs, pollock, that kind of stuff. Not your run of the mill cod and haddock."

"It's all about being creative and using as many things as we can find to heighten those flavors as possible."

Unity's president, Dr. Melik Khoury, says using under harvested fish fits the schools ongoing mission of sustainability by providing more locally sourced meal options.

"Sustainability science is kind of the core framework of our curriculum and how we basically educate our students. We see every department on campus as a living lab and our dining is no exception. Regardless of their dietary needs, the idea is everything in moderation and these fish are sustainably harvested."

With new recipes and fresh fish to look forward to every week, both students and staff are happy to continue the college's tradition of locally produced food.

"Faculty, staff, students, and even guests of the college like the fact that every chance we get, we live the mission and they get to have fresh seafood in lieu of sometimes prepackaged and/or not so fresh seafood," said Khoury.

"Why wouldn't we reach out into the Gulf of Maine and bring that back here,” sasked MacArthur. “That's a no brainer."