Unity College expands online program portfolio with two programs in growing fields

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UNITY, Maine (WABI) Unity College has added two new programs this fall to its online programs.

One focuses on animals, while the other focuses on climate change.

"Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible, and flexible curriculum to folks who care about the environment -- for folks who understand that the 21st century is not only the environmental century politically, but it's the environmental century from a career perspective," said Dr. Melik Khoury, the President of Unity College.

Unity, which calls themselves "America's Environmental College," is expanding their online program portfolio.

The first new program is "Animal Health and Behavior."

"In this program, you'll understand animal nutrition, training, behavior, physiology," said Dr. Amy Arnett, Vice President of Distance Education at Unity College. "We'll also have a pre-vet track for people interested in going to veterinary school. So, it's a very well-rounded understanding of captive and wild animals from an individual level."

As climate change becomes more engrained in national and international discussion, they've also added "Environmental Science and Climate Change."

"Our 'Environmental Science and Climate Change' program is an opportunity for our students to gain real environmental science experience, to expand their understanding of climate change and the issues, as well as the solutions to the problems facing the planet," said Dr. Pieter Dehart, Dean of Environmental Conservation and Research at Unity College.

The college says offering these online programs will allow them to bring their education to a broader group of people, not just in Maine, but around the country.

They say this can also open opportunities to have people look more to Maine as a destination for higher learning.

"A lot of folks are proud of Maine being a vacation destination," said Dr. Khoury. "I think it's time we really looked at how Maine can become an education destination because we have a beautiful natural resource lab here. And so, Unity College hopes to exploit that in the best possible sense, and bring adult learners here."