Rescued American flags found at waste processing plant retired

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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - Wednesday night, community members, first responders, and more gathered at the Hampden Town Office to pay tribute to flags that were found by Fiberight Coastal Resources of Maine employees.

Boy Scout Troop 41 lead the retirement ceremony to give more than 30 American flags the "proper disposal."

Some say the ceremony is fitting on a day where we recognize all the tragic loss and sacrifices made on September 11, 2001.

Glenn Pierce, United States Navy Commander, said, "18 years later, we are still coming together as America to celebrate ourselves flaunting it in the face of those who came up against us."

Shelby Wright, Fiberight Coastal Resources of Maine Director of Community Service, said, "Remember and that we never forget and one of the things we would like to remember is the proper disposal and retirement on the American flag."

Your local VFW or Boy Scoot Troops can "properly dispose" of an American flag for you.

Hampden Town Council Eric Jarvi, told us there are four locations around Hampden where you can drop off your flags too.