Unique New Years Eve Celebrations in Maine

They may be getting ready to drop the ball in Times Square at midnight on Sunday.

But, you don't have to travel to New York City for a memorable New Years Eve.

There are festivities happening all over the city of Bangor.

All leading up to the annual tradition that always draws a great crowd.

The lighted beach ball drop into West Market Square.

People of all ages will be heading to downtown Machias for the 3rd Annual Lobstah Drop.

There will be a hat parade, bonfire and more. And, of course, the "lobstah" dropping at midnight.

In Eastport, a maple leaf and Sally the Sardine were the stars of 2017 and will be again this year.

Last year, we spoke to organizers about the city's traditions.

"Because we're in a border region, we figured it would be great to celebrate both New Years, so at 11 o'clock eastern time we drop a maple leaf to celebrate Canadian New Years," said co-creator, Kristin McKinlay.

"Then an hour later we drop Sally the Sardine and those who are brave enough try to kiss her on the lips for good luck," said co-creator, Hugh French.

"We've had people come from as far as Atlanta, Ohio, just to come to this area to see it and be part of, you know, a different kind of tradition along the coast," said McKinlay.

So, no worries if you can't get to the big apple because there will be plenty one-of-a-kind celebrations right here in Maine.