Workers gather in Augusta for annual Labor Lobby Day

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Nearly 200 workers from around the state representing 50 unions were in Augusta Thursday to talk with lawmakers about key working class issues.

It was all part of the Maine AFL-CIO's annual Labor Lobby Day.

The group gathered to unveil their 2019 Working Class Legislative Agenda, which outlines a number of bills that will go before lawmakers.

Those bills cover a number of topics from workers compensation to giving public sector workers the right to strike.

Erin Oberson of Old Town spoke in favor of a bill that would create the right to earned paid sick leave for the nearly 200,000 Mainers who don't currently have the benefit.

"We urgently want the State of Maine to grant the dignity of earned paid sick time to each and every person in our state's workforce. Why do we say that this bill is about dignity? We say that because, in our state, there are currently two kinds of workers; those who have the right to stay home when they are sick and not lose their pay, and those who, when they do stay home when they are sick, lose their ability to provide for themselves and their families," said Oberson.

The Maine AFL-CIO represents nearly 40,000 workers across the state.