Undiscovered Maine

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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - University of Maine Business School students Will Carter and Austin Cashman are in the TV5 Studio this morning to present their student research project called Undiscovered Maine.

The project involves faculty and students at the University of Maine Business School. Their mission is to provide valuable educational opportunities for students to learn web and social media strategies as well as organizational, management and marketing skills to help small businesses in under-served areas of Maine.

They are also trying to provide small Maine businesses with a space to showcase their unique and beautiful items and services.

Their website includes different sections about parts of the state that might not get a lot of attention but have a lot to offer in terms of tourism and business opportunities.

Too see their full project, visit their website mbs.maine.edu/undiscoveredmaine/ and their Facebook page facebook.com/undiscoveredmaine/.

2018-19 Team:

Mr. CJ Bowen: Business management and marketing major, hammock enthusiast, Eagle Scout.

Mr. Austin Cashman: Economics and Management major, Eagle Scout.

Mr. Aaron Stymiest: Journalism major, enjoys blogging and the outdoors.

Mr. William Carter: Physics major, enjoys outdoors and sports.

Dr. Nory Jones: Faculty Adviser, chief cheerleader, MBS Corps