UPS driver delivers special PAWkage in Bar Harbor

BAR HARBOR, Maine (WABI) - A UPS driver made a special delivery in Bar Harbor last Monday.

It all began when Lori Bartlett took her dog, Molly for a walk.

As Joy Hollowell tells us, things didn't go exactly as planned.

Molly loves going for walks with Lori Bartlett in their Bar Harbor neighborhood

"It's been difficult for the last couple of years," says Bartlett.,

That's because the five year old Pitbull suffers from Immune Mediated Polyarthritis making it painful for her to get around. It breaks Lori's heart to see her "fur baby" suffering so when Molly is up for activity, so is she.

"When she decides she's ready to go, I want to take her because I feel bad enough that she's been limited," says Bartlett.

Last Monday, Molly was on a roll. Or so it seemed

"We actually went all the way around the cul de sac, about a quarter mile," says Bartlett.

They were getting close to home when Molly suddenly decided she'd had enough.

"And then I noticed that her paw was just a little bloody and I thought, ah ok, she's just not going to make it," says Bartlett. "And she knew she wasn't going to make it anymore."

At first, Lori thought she could carry Molly back home.

"I could only get about a foot at a time and then I knew that wasn't going to work," she says.

"And I thought, if I can just get home and get her wagon, I can pull her the rest of the way home."

But Lori couldn't just leave Molly there alone.

So I thought, I'm going to sit on the road and she is going to have to sit in my lap until somebody comes along."

About 10 minutes later, Lori heard a truck.

"And then along comes our UPS man," she says with a smile. "I asked him if he would sit with her for a second while I ran to the house to get the wagon. He goes- I'll do one better than that. Put her in the truck and I'll back her down the driveway."

And just like that, Molly got up.

"She was ready," says Lori. "She was a package ready to get right in the UPS truck and go."

Lori says she's not surprised by the UPS driver's actions. After all, this is the same man that brings treats to Molly whenever he makes deliveries.

"He's a super, super guy and UPS is lucky to have somebody like that."
Molly's story garnered some national attention when Lori posted it to the UPS Dogs Facebook page.