UMaine students present their research projects

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Graduate and undergraduate students at UMaine have completed countless hours on their research projects for the year, and that all came to a conclusion today with the presentation of their work as part of Maine Impact Week.

The UMaine Student Symposium was held at the Cross Center in Bangor.

The students hope the work they've done will make a difference.

"The impact of research on daily lives," said Ali Abedi the Director of Center for Undergraduate Research. "So people in Maine with different problems and different needs for technology, they can come and see here how research actually translates into our daily life."

The projects ranged from nursing, engineering, and social sciences where the students are trying to make things better for Mainers.

"We have examples like center of aging. They are doing work for senior citizens to provide more technology for assisted living in homes which saves a ton of money for the health care system in Maine," added Abedi.

Some of the nursing students were able to help out those on hand by doing blood pressure screenings which is another chance to educate people about how important keeping up with your health really is.

"A lot of people don't realize that your blood pressure is a big issue and sometimes cardiac problems are unseen until they're an issue," said UMaine nursing student Lilly Wiseman. "So kind of getting that screening and opening their eyes to that."

With a shortage of nurses in Maine, these students actually see it as a positive.

"It's exciting for us, soon-to-be new grads, because we are going into a new career," said Marty Bushey a UMaine nursing student. "A new field where they really need us to join their team so I'm excited about it."