UMaine researchers working to map disasters in real-time

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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - Researchers at the University of Maine are developing software to help map natural disasters in real time.

The research is led by Iranga Subasinghe, a Ph.D student in spatial information science and engineering and Silvia Nittel, associate professor in spatial informatics.

The project uses a 2018 mudslide in California as a case study.

Researchers hope to create accurate maps of dangerous areas using input from citizens that can be used to get to safety or help rescuers navigate.

The program is designed to work even with a limited amount of data.

"We cannot expect a lot of input because people are panicked." Said Subasinghe. "They have other things to do while the natural disaster is happening."

Future plans for the project involve extracting useful data from social media posts.