UMaine participates in Concrete Canoe Competition

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OLD TOWN, Maine- UMaine's American Society Of Civil Engineers hosted a regional 'Concrete Canoe Competition' Sunday.

Ten teams from across New England and Canada traveled to the Old Town boat launch to participate.

Each team has an entire year to plan and construct a vessel with structural integrity- but they have to make sure it stays afloat.

Organizers commend the efforts of each team, and emphasize how difficult it actually is to make their blueprints come alive.

“This is really an awesome opportunity for civil engineering students and others to go out and create a product that they're proud of and then they get to race in it,” said Erin Brewer, President of the Maine AST Student Chapter. “This is so cool.”

“A lot of planning does go into this,” said UMaine co-captain Alainie Sawtelle. “Do some testing with our mix designs as well, and decide what reinforcements to use and get some fundraising. So that was all the playing process that started in the first semester.”

UMaine was the only state team that participated this year.