UMaine offering safety advice for community gardens

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ORONO, Maine (WABI) - The University of Maine is offering up some guidance for those that use community gardens across the state.

They are hosting webinars titled, Community Gardening in a Time of Social Distancing.

Those involved say that as people prepare to work in these gardens - it's important that there is planning in place on who is using the garden..

When they use it - and what's being planted.

"Thinking about where we can minimize risk and that really starts with evaluating who is working in the gardens this season," said Pamela Hargest, a Horticulture Professional. "So, maybe someone could otherwise afford to purchase fresh produce from a local farm maybe they could take the season off. So we can reduce the amount of people that are going in and out of that community garden."

They are offering a webinar Tuesday night with advice.

Here is a link.

There will also be another next week.