UMaine hosts annual forestry conference

Published: Oct. 8, 2019 at 1:34 PM EDT
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Some of the top minds in the forestry industry have been gathering in Orono over the past two days.

A conference at the University of Maine centered around forest certification.

Forest certification is a way to manage, label, and trace the quality of a product and ensure the forested land is being properly managed.

The conference details its importance to the future of the industry, pointing to Maine as a state others are looking to.

"Other locations have been learning from Maine," said Stephen Shaler, Director of the School of Forestry Resources at the University of Maine. "25 years ago what happened here in certification informed and impacted the rest of the United States and North America. So, we have a legacy of that impact and a lot of the people in this room were the pioneers in terms of, how does that happen. We've learned how to do that, how to do that better and we see that happening moving forward."

There were people from as far away as Minnesota attending the annual conference.