UMaine holds Guinness World Records for largest 3D printer and largest 3D printed object

ORONO, Maine (WABI) - It was a day for the record books at the University of Maine.

"If all goes well, in a few years we will be printing things we never thought we could print."

Representatives from Guinness World Records visited UMaine to check out the largest 3D printer and 3D printed object in the world.

"Really big deal for Maine. They're working on the chemistry of using forest-based products which is from trees as the printing material, so it's a whole new product for the Maine forest economy. That means jobs and opportunity here in Maine."

Industry and government leaders were at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center for the unveiling of the object and printer.

The object is a patrol boat, which is also the largest 3D printed boat in the world.

"We called the boat 3Dirigo for a reason. We want to lead the world in the area of biobased manufacturing, biobased 3D printing."

"I'm told it only took 72 hours to print the 5-thousand pound 25-foot long patrol boat."

"The goal here is to help them build boat molds using biobased plastics, biobased molds. When you use the boat mold to build a boat, then that boat mold can be 100% recycled as well. They can send it back to us, and we can grind it up and print something else with it."

"It will allow for prototypes of say new fast boats or new shelters for our troops to be produced very quickly and then tested. It's also a boon for our shipbuilding industry within the state."

Along with the boating industry, they will also be focusing on the construction industry.

"It's the beginning of a long road to transform the way we print things or make things."