UMaine Woodsmen Team holds annual meet

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The University Of Maine Woodsmen Team had its annual home meet Saturday, at the J. Franklin Witter Teaching and Research Center.

Nineteen teams from eight schools from around New England met in Orono to compete in a variety of sawing-and-chopping timber sports.

The event is one of eight competitions the woodsmen team participates in throughout the school year, and Saturday’s was the only one held in Orono.

It's a unique event, and the woodsmen say it isn't quite what most people think it is.

Vice President of the Woodsmen Team said, “it's a really fun sport. I wish a lot more people would get into it. We're a little slim in numbers, so it'd be nice to see more people out here. It's really fun. A lot of people look at it and think it's just hard work, but I think it's more fun than that.”

The team trains five days a week starting in September, and splits and sells firewood to raise money. For more information, visit the UMaine Woodsmen Team facebook page.