Woodsmen Gathered At University Of Maine For Annual Meet

Published: Feb. 24, 2018 at 4:57 PM EST
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Bree Jarvis, President of the UMaine Woodsmen team said, "It's awesome to be outside. We actually love to have a beautiful day. It’s fun to be active outside, and the community we have here in woodsmen is really great. Everybody from every team is really nice, and we have fun competing against each other."

"We're big on like team bonding. We do a lot of stuff together. We get like outside. We have practice two times a day outside. Like gotta do like kind of timber sports which a lot of people have never done, but they like swinging axes, and throwing, and using chainsaws, and all that kind of stuff," said Alex Jakubowski, Treasurer of the UMaine Woodsmen team.

Jarvis explained, "It takes a lot of dedication, because it's not a super natural sport for people. Some people might be good at kicking a ball when they first start playing soccer, and stuff like that. This is a pretty unnatural sport. So, it's really learning about technique, and form, and how to better yourself every time."

Jakubowski said, "For home meet it was getting all prepared, and then going to compete, but usually it's just like putting the time into practice, because a lot of times we switch events around. So, you really need to like cover everything if you want to be competitive."

McKayla Fowler, a participant, said, "Definitely work together. Practice makes perfect."

"Communication a lot. I mean it's a lot like a lot of us aren't the same body size and everything, so you need to talk, and be able to like work together even if like one guy's two hundred and twenty pounds, and one girl's a hundred fifty. So, you just need to be able to like talk to each other, work well,” Jakubowski said.

Jarvis said, "If you ever get a chance to go to a Woodsmen meet really really take advantage of that. It's really cool. The people are awesome. You get to see some really cool unconventional stuff happening, and it's awesome to be outside in the great state of Maine.”