Two Bangor High students win big at International Science and Engineering Fair

Published: May. 29, 2019 at 6:11 PM EDT
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Two students from Bangor High School recently won some major prizes at a large science and engineering fair in Arizona.

Each year, Maine State Science Fair sends its top three projects to the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Tyler Delargy, a senior, placed third in physical sciences, embedded systems winning $1,500

Amara Ifeji placed first in Plant Sciences winning $3,000 but also won best in category which brings $5,000.

Delargy says, "I built a vest that is wearable for someone who is blind/visually impaired. They can wear it underneath clothing and it has a small camera that just clips on their shirt and when they're wearing they kind of feel vibration that is representative of the totality of their environment for a 10 foot range at a 170 degree field of view from their chest so they kind of sense everything within there. It also has an alternative mode that uses artificial intelligence to give them directions."

Ifeji says, "I basically designed a filter that utilizes plants and these symbiotic associations called mychrorize found within the plants. They have the potential to remove heavy metal contaminates from our drinking water. Places like Flint Michigan, they have lead in their water so they are unable to have access to clean drinking water, it's definitely applicable to areas like that."

Two students from Fryeburg Academy also placed in the competition.