Truck leaves massive trail of peanuts in S.C.

MULLINS, S.C. (WMBF) – This story is a little bit “nuts.”

Peanuts were spread over half a block. (Source: WMBF)

A truck carrying a load of peanuts accidentally dumped them all over a road Monday morning in Mullins.

Mullins police Capt. Phil Mostowski said the truck was crossing the railroad tracks at South Cypress and Front Street when part of the trailer got hung up on the tracks. It caused the trailer to open, dumping peanuts out for about a half a block.

Crews shut down Front Street while the Public Works Department cleaned up all the peanuts. It took crews less than an hour to get them all off the road.

All the peanuts that were dumped out on the street had to be thrown out.

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