Troop Greeters Gather to Welcome Home Troops

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) About 25 troop greeters gathered at Bangor International Airport to welcome home military service members from a tour overseas.

Both the greeters and the troops were all smiles as the service men and women walked through their welcome home brigade, shaking hands and exchanging hugs.

The troop greeters have been around for quite a while, but say they haven't been as busy until lately.

Troop Greeter Cheryl Lare told us, "It's been extremely quiet and this last two to three weeks, we've had quite a few come home and a few go over. Unless someone's on the plane that's been here before and tells them about the troop greeters, they come down around that corner and see us clapping and you see the surprise on their face like, whoa."

The troop greeters are currently raising funds to create a museum at the airport that will preserve memorabilia from greeting experiences and offer a place of remembrance for all who visit.