Father of Easton man accused of murder testifies Monday in Houlton

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HOULTON, Maine (WABI) - After James Peaslee's outburst in court in Houlton Monday morning, a judge denied the request for a mistrial in the murder trial of the Easton man.

He's charged with the 2018 fatal shooting of his stepfather, Paul Hilenski, in Bridgewater.

When a friend of Peaslee's took the stand and testified that Peaslee had told him he had committed the murder after going into quote "military mode", Peaslee stood up and shouted the witness was lying.

Peaslee's attorney asked for the mistrial saying his client's outburst could prejudice the jury.

When testimony resumed, the same witness told the court that after killing Hilenski, Peaslee changed his clothes to create an alibi.

He says Peaslee told him he tried to make it look like his brother had been the one to shoot Hilenski.

Peaslee's father, Walter Dewitt, also took the stand Monday saying he did not think the man seen in surveillance video was his son.

There were discrepancies between Dewitt's testimony and time stamps on that video.

Closing arguments will take place Tuesday morning.