Trial begins for one of two men accused of killing Hancock County dog

ELLSWORTH, Maine (WABI) A trial is underway in Ellsworth for a man accused of torturing and killing a dog.

Justin Chipman is charged with endangering the welfare of an animal. Nathan Burke is also charged in the case.

Both are accused of attacking Franky, a dog in Winter Harbor.

Franky's owner, Phillip Torrey says when he returned home from a concert last summer he found Franky missing and his SUV damaged.

District Attorney Matt Foster testified, saying he and his wife found Franky's body washed up on shore and that the dog was mangled and had bullet holes in its throat.

"A lot of evidence about a dog that was deceased and appeared to be shot in the head and appeared to have suffered an unpleasant death, appeared to be put into a trash bag and washed up on District Attorney Foster's beach but what the court's not getting here is any bit of evidence that ties my client to this crime," said defense attorney Robert Van Horn.

The trial is expected to end Friday.

Burke's trial has not been scheduled yet.