Transportation Bond on Ballot Aims to Issue $105-Million for Infrastructure

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A transportation bond issue is also on the ballot.

Question 3 would issue $105-million in bonds for infrastructure.

Part of those funds would go toward facilities, equipment, and property acquisition related to ports, harbors, aviation, and railroads.

Ted Talbot, the Department of Transportation's Press Secretary, says the majority of funds will help improve state highways and bridges.

"This proposal is a two-year bonding plan worth $200 million. $100 million will be put out to voters of course this year and $100 million in 2018. Out of the $200 million, $160 million will be used for highways and bridges- that's construction, reconstruction or rehabilitation of Priority 1, 2, or 3 state highways," said Talbot.

If the bond issue is approved, it will also mean $137-million in federal matching funds for Maine.