Town of Tremont asks summer people to respect guidelines

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TREMONT, Maine (WABI)- Folks who have a summer residence in Maine are coming much earlier this year.

The Town of Tremont has seen an uptick in folks from away who are here months in advance of when they usually get here

The town says it prefers that people from out of state stay where they are, according to CDC guidelines.

If folks from away do choose to move here now, they ask that they take the necessary precautions with respect for those already living here.

“We ask if they show up, they are putting us here at risk, and please follow CDC guidelines and self-quarantine for a couple of weeks," said Tremont Town Selectman Kevin Buck. "Services are available, home deliveries are available now, but a lot of things are shut down.”

Tremont is asking folks from away who don’t have summer homes there to please stay put where they are for now.