Town of Pittsfield prepares to celebrate Bicentennial

PITTSFIELD, Maine (WABI) - The town of Pittsfield is celebrating its Bicentennial.

"The year was 1819. Maine was still part of Massachusetts." says Jan Laux, a member of the Pittsfield Bicentennial committee.

Since 1794 settlers had been living along a stretch of the Sebasticook river. On June 19th, 1819 they incorporated as the town of Warsaw. A few years later the name was changed to Pittsfield.

"A small community." says Laux. "Very family friendly."

Bicentennial celebrations started as far back as December, but most of the events are taking place the week surrounding the town's official birthday.

"We really kick off the week this coming Saturday where we'll do the opening of the time capsule."

The capsule was buried fifty years ago in Manson Park.

Jane Woodruff is also on the Bicentennial committee. "We have a box in the library here where people can put in suggestions for what should go in next."

The week continues with musical performances, a golf tournament, ceremony for the town's founder, and much more.

"We'll be having a boat parade down the Sebasticook River through the culverts and into the Mill pond where the braziers will be lit on fire."

There will also be a rededication of the old Pittsfield train depot as a museum.

"It's actually one of the oldest train stations that is still on an active train line." says town councilor Howard Margolskee.

Bicentennial committee members say they hope the events foster a greater sense of community and showcases some of the best features of the town.

"The's kind of an opportunity for rebirth and growth." says Margolskee

"It's a good place to call home." says Woodruff, quoting the town's slogan.

"They're gonna see a lot here that they may not see as they zip up and down 95." says Laux.

For a full list of Bicentennial events you can visit the Pittsfield town website or search for the Town of Pittsfield Bicentennial Facebook page.