Town of Denmark Still Cleaning Up after Saturday Tornadoes

Published: Jul. 4, 2017 at 8:33 AM EDT
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They are still cleaning up in Western Maine after four tornadoes swept through the area Saturday.

One of the harder hit areas was Moose Pond in the town of Denmark.

Summer homes and cottages were destroyed by falling trees.

A 100 foot pine tree came crashing down so hard it crushed a dock and a metal post actually pierced a tree.

Several families own properties along the stretch that was hit with an EF1 tornado.

The winds were clocked between 90 and 95 miles an hour.

"The torrential rain at first. We went to shut the windows and then it was the whoosh, like whoosh, the sound and then the cracking of the trees." Says Sue Belmer, a resident.

"We came running down to save the boat and this tree went over in high speed, big crash. It was like a minute and a half and it was done. The snapping, the crackling was just frightening, awesome, spectacular." Says John Morgan, a resident.

No injuries were reported.

Camp owners credit all of the storm warnings.

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