Tournament mean$ big bu$ine$$ for Bangor

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Big games at the Cross Center.

Big business for everyone else.

"Tournament week is its own beast," said Kerrie Tripp, Executive Director of the Greater Bangor Convention and Visitors Bureau.

"We definitely see the impact," said Mike Leonard, Food and Beverage Manager at Hollywood Casino. "It's typically a fairly slow January into February, and we see that big up-kick to summer time level business for that 10 day spread."

"Visitation is really solid over to Cross insurance Center which also translates into restaurants and shopping," said Tripp.

You may be wondering who do business owners want to win?
Well…the farther they have to travel. The better it is for business.

"We went to American Eagle, to the furniture store," said Jordyn Legassey.

"We've gone everywhere," added Willow Brooks. "Olive Garden. We went everywhere this week."

Willow Brooks and Jordyn Legassey traveled from Island Falls.

"And when The County comes down, The County shows up," said Tripp.

"The further away, Calais, teams that are coming from the north, definitely bring the crowds in," added Leonard.

"The farther away the team is from Bangor, they are really taking part in all things commerce," said Tripp. "They are buying gas. They are going to the restaurants. They are potentially spending the night. All of those things really add up."

While no numbers are in yet, officials we talked with say things appear to be as good as if not exceeding years past.

"This year's been great, knock on wood, because we haven't had snow interrupting in the middle," said Tripp. "But we are talking a couple of million dollars of economic impact when all is said and done. Sometimes it's even a lot larger than that depending on the number of teams coming from further away for multiple days. So it really kind of goes up and down. But it's really solid numbers."