Too many sick teachers forces closure of high school in Sullivan

SULLIVAN, Maine (WABI) - It's not a snow day but rather a sick day that closed Sumner Memorial High School in Sullivan Monday.

The RSU 24 superintendent decided to cancel classes when 12 teachers called out sick and only two substitutes could be found to fill in.

Michael Eastman says this is the first time in his four years he's had to close school because of teacher illness.

He can't say specifically why the teachers are sick but says the flu has been making its way through classrooms.

About 250 students were notified Sunday night through automated phone calls and Facebook.

Eastman says safety played a big part in the decision, along with health of the students.

"Also when you have that many substitutes - if you were able to get that many substitutes - when you have that many in the building, it's tough to conduct school in the most efficient manner. So that came into the decision making process."

Eastman says this marks the fifth day of missed school for Sumner this year.

The school built in three snow days in the calendar.

According to the school's facebook post from earlier Monday - school is expected to be back open Tuesday.