Together Place Offers Creative Paths to Recovery

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - "The Together Place has been around for thirty something years." says it's executive director Sean Faircloth. "But only in the last year, we have become the Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center."

"Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center is run by certified intentional peer support specialists."

That means the people running programs at the Together Place have lived similar experiences as those they help, like Angela Walker, who identifies as having had suicidal thoughts. Now she helps run programs like "Alternatives to Suicide."

"A support group more than a curriculum or a clinical group. There's a honest true connection that's built once we meet people that come into the group."

There are support groups for those struggling with mental health or substance use.

"We also have double trouble, is another support group for dual, for both mental health and substance use."

In addition to a focus on peer support, Together Place has programs for people to grow creatively.

Faircloth says "Because studies show that people who do creative work can really help themselves stay in recovery."

Keith Washington says Together Place has been a positive force in his life. He now helps with art classes.

"I hope people come and get involved. We just got some new participants for the art classes."

Washington says he hopes the stigma surrounding recovery programs won't cloud people's vision.

"Don't judge a book by its cover. If you want to find out, the evidence is right here. You gotta come out and experience it for yourself. You gotta try it before you knock it."

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