Tips to help you keep your New Year's resolution

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Maine (WAGM) - We're not even fully two weeks into 2019. What are your goals and resolutions? How are you doing with them? Local Life Coach Nancy Nichols says people often have difficulty achieving goals even in the best of times. She says there are five basic principles that will help folks both attain and maintain their goals. First is examining your level of investment.

Nancy Nichols said, "Why did you make this goal? Why do you want this change?"

Second, she says it's crucial to examine your relationships and make sure you have adequate support.

"I'd like you to step back and just think about the voices that are speaking to you. Are they negative? Critical? Judgemental? Or positive and kind and build you up and encourage you and help you be the best person you can be?"

And she says you can't be afraid to be vulnerable. Third, Nichols suggests looking at how you're spending your time. Look at the activities you're doing- how much of your day are you dedicating to certain activities- and is that allowing you to do what you need to get done to achieve your goals? Fourth, she says learn to forgive and not be offended so easily.

"A lot of times we need to just let the past go. It's hard to carry around the past and accomplish anything in the future, and if you don't know how to do it, find somebody who can help you."

That leads to her last suggestion. Find a mentor.

"Who do you have that speaks into your life? Who gets to confront you and challenge you and teach you things? And who do you actually listen to?"

Nichols says for many people, instead of setting goals, this is a good time to get refocused and rebalanced. But for those who do have goals, she adds that along with digging deep by following these five tips, you should also cut your goals into manageable bite-size pieces for maximum success.