Three Men Arrested Following Bangor Fight

Published: Nov. 6, 2017 at 8:07 AM EST
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Bangor police say a man who tried to avoid arrest while authorities investigated a fight was using a fake ID - one belonging to a dead man in Delaware.

24-year-old Dominque Hill of New York tried to elude police Friday night after they showed up at an apartment on Court Street.

They say he gave them a wrong name and a fake ID card that listed a man who'd died.

Hill had several outstanding arrest warrants and was charged with drug possession and trafficking.

Police went to the apartment after another man claimed he was assaulted by 59-year old Harrel Spann and his wallet was missing.

Police say they found the victim's wallet while Hill was trying to sneak out.

Spann's son, 33-year old Benjamin Birmingham of Bangor, also lived at the apartment.

He was arrested for reportedly violating his bail conditions.