Thomas College incoming freshmen get their first taste of college with EDGE program

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Going into your first year of college can seem daunting, but Thomas College is trying to ease that transition with a program that allows kids to move in a couple weeks early and get into the flow of college.

They're taking part in a program called EDGE.

"Often times you just arrive on a campus and boom it just starts, and you haven't had time to settle in. You don't know who your roommates are, you don't know where things are at, so this is a nice bridge program," said Dr. Richard Biffle, Professor of Education and Anthropology at Thomas College.

Students in the EDGE program take a two-week course to get them adjusted to college coursework and professors.

On Friday, students went to downtown Waterville to get a sense of the community through a photography project.

"It makes it easier I feel like to adjust because I'm getting out into the community and seeing the area that I'm going to be living in the next four years, and it's easier to make friends and kind of get into the swing of college," said incoming Thomas freshman Abigail Chandler.

"It's nice because all of the friends that you get here, you're in class and you're kind of pushed into it so you're automatically making friends," said incoming Thomas freshman Autumn Howe. "And you get acclimated to the school better because there's not as many people here, so you're kind of walking around, figuring stuff out before the whole crowd gets here."

Incoming freshman Dylan Brooks says that he's enjoying the program thus far, and thinks it's going to set him up for success in his first semester.

"It's nice moving in a few weeks early before everyone, and when people get here I'll obviously be able to help them out and stuff like that," said Brooks. "It's nice to get to know the community and what it looks like, so it's a good feeling. I like it."

Brooks says the thing he's most looking forward to is lacrosse season.

"Let's go terriers baby, that's all I gotta say."