Thomas College Students to Perform Skits on Social Issues

Published: Feb. 26, 2018 at 4:52 PM EST
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The Thomas College International Club is preparing a skit meant to get people talking.

"The skit is called ‘Global Issue Scenarios,’” said the club’s president Sophia Andree. “We've got five issues that's happening around this world, and we try to focus on it but do it in the student perspective."

The performance focuses on topics ranging from gender, immigration, poverty, and race. Club organizers believe acting out the situations has a bigger impact on those in attendance.

"I feel like movies and plays are the things that actually attract people,” said the club’s vice president Alisha Baral. “You'll actually be interested to watch a movie than go to a place to listen to a person talking about it."

"We don't really want people to argue about this,” said Andree. “We want people to see what's happening, see different perspectives."

The students come from different backgrounds and want to provide their peers with a different perspective in an attempt to find common ground.

"Many people don't even know about things, what is happening, or what has happened to me or her,” said Baral. “We come from a different part of the world where things are different and here it's different. So I think it's a good idea to encourage people to get involved in activities like these so that they'll know more about things happening."

"Our goal is to get people to start thinking,” said Andree. “Even if we have 50 people that come and we touch one person, we have already met our goal."

The event is free and will take place Wednesday night at 6 at Thomas College. Students hope it will be a learning experience for everyone.

"These days, we dwell so much in our own perspective,” said Andree. “What we want to show people is 'look at it this way, try at least to think about it this way,' and I feel like that way, we're going to get closer to bringing peace into this world."