Thomas College Hosts 'Future Teaching Academy'

Published: Feb. 2, 2018 at 5:06 PM EST
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High school students interested in teaching took part in a day-long seminar exploring that field Friday.

Students from across the state attended the hands-on, experimental 'Future Teaching Academy' at Thomas College in Waterville.

Sessions included educational student panel discussions, game design, cell art- involving microscopes and painting, and learning about education across cultures.

Thomas College staff say the program also gets prospective students excited over evolving education trends.

"We're keeping up with the digital learning trends, the AR (augmented reality) trends, the proficiency-based education trends, the STEAM trends, and even the stream trends," said Katie Rybakova, Assistant Professor of Education, Thomas College.

"We wanted to target, first of all, students who are well along their program in high school who are thinking about going to college, and who have expressed interest into going into education," said Wally Alexander, Professor of Education, Thomas College.

High schoolers also got a taste of college life by navigating a college campus and interacting with its staff and students,